Inclement Weather Information

Inclement Weather Information
Posted on 01/10/2022
Inclement Weather Information

During the school year, inclement weather and road conditions can cause school delays or closures. The school district will notify you of a delay or closure using our call/email notification system. 

In the event of a school delay or closure due to inclement weather and/or road conditions, the emergency condition messages most often used by Clover Park School District are as follows: 

  • Two Hours Late: This means buses will begin their first route two hours late but at regularly scheduled stops, and schools will start 2 hours late. 
    • NO half-day kindergarten, preschool, ECEAP or Head Start.  
    • NO early release or transition programs. 
    • NO out-of-district transportation. 
  • Schools Closed: This means all Clover Park schools are closed for all students. 
    • No transportation will be provided to other schools outside of our district even though they may be open and operating on schedule.  
    • All scheduled activities are also canceled.  
    • District administrative offices will be open and administrators are expected to report to work as soon as safely possible. 

What happens if there is a school delay on a late start Wednesday? 

In the event of a two-hour school delay on a scheduled late start Wednesday, there will be no one-hour late start Wednesday. If a two-hour delay falls on a late start Wednesday, your school will start two hours later than a typical non-late start school day (a 2 hour delay is one hour later than a late start Wednesday). Please see the table below for the start time of your student’s school when there is a two-hour delay.  

School Start Times For a 2-Hour Delay 

If a two-hour delay has been announced due to inclement weather and/or road conditions, please review the table below to see when your student’s school will start. Schools will dismiss at regular time unless communicated otherwise: 



Regular Start Time

(non-late start Wednesday)

2 Hours Late Start Time

Regardless of Day


High Schools:Clover Park, Lakes, Harrison Prep


7:25 a.m.


9:25 a.m.


Middle Schools: Hudtloff,Lochburn, Thomas


9 a.m.


11 a.m.


ElementarySchools: Beachwood, Carter Lake, Custer, Dower, Idlewild, Lake Louise, Lakeview and Oakbrook


8:10 a.m.


10:10 a.m.


Elementary Schools: Evergreen, Hillside, Meriwether, Rainier, Tillicum, Tyee Park


8:30 a.m.


10:30 a.m.


Elementary Schools: Four Heroes and Park Lodge


9 a.m.


11 a.m.


Keep Your Contact Information Updated 

It is important that families and staff members keep their contact information updated in case of inclement weather or emergencies. Families can update their information in Skyward Family Access or contact their student’s school to verify contact information. Families can sign up for Flash Alerts to receive the most up-to-date closure notifications.  

Safety First

If you do not feel your student can make it safely to school on an inclement weather day, your student's absence will be excused.