#SuperSchoolShoutout: Lochburn Middle School!

#SuperSchoolShoutout: Lochburn Middle School!
Posted on 05/15/2024
We’re showing our #CPSDPride by giving a #SuperSchoolShoutOut to Lochburn Middle School with sixth grade social studies teacher Katie Hosking and eighth grader Deoni Reed!

Lochburn was founded in 1967 and its halls have been graced by many generations of Clover Park High School graduates. It’s known for its scenic, sprawling campus, but this year, the buildings got a vibrant upgrade with color-coded markers to help visitors, new students and new teachers navigate the school grounds. 

That’s not the only upgrade Lochburn received this year. The new computer lab for computer science-based classes and e-gaming extracurricular activities is an exciting addition for teachers and students. Complete with top-of-the-line computer hardware and effervescent interior lighting, it’s a great place for students to pursue their technological passions.  

“We take in student voice and student experience to design an instructional program that works for our kids,” Principal Carla Estes said. “The entrepreneurial program, screen printing, e-sports, graphic design, makers space and other programs make our school really unique.”

The entrepreneurship program encourages students to learn math, design, presentation, writing and other valuable skills while building the foundation of a future business. Recently, students pitched their businesses to a panel of judges and two students have qualified to move forward in the national Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship competition.

“We try to connect the real world to middle school and encourage students to learn while having fun with topics they’re passionate about,” Principal Estes said. 

#SuperSchoolShoutOut to Lochburn Middle School

Katie is a first-year educator who has learned tons about herself and her students. “They’re so passionate about everything they do, and they’re not afraid to tell you what they need,” she said. “I know they’re always telling me the truth so I can adjust and be a responsive teacher.” 

Katie finds her strength in engaging, hands-on lessons that make history fun for her young students who have a hard time conceptualizing the world thousands of years ago. “Asking how I can make topics more interesting and watching them be open minded to new activities has been so helpful,” she said. 

However, her students’ youth makes teaching exciting for Katie who enjoys their curiosity. “They crave answers, so it’s fun to show them research strategies to explore their curiosities,” she said. “They even end up asking questions outside the bounds of their projects, and it’s amazing.”

#SuperSchoolShoutout: Lochburn Middle School

Deoni loves his Lochburn community and has many great memories that he will cherish in high school next year. “Last year, in nature club we put up bird boxes and planted stuff,” he said.  “We’ve had pep assemblies that are really fun, and in leadership I just went on a youth legislation field trip.” 

Deoni became very involved this year and participated in baseball, basketball, leadership and yearbook. “I really put myself out there,” he said. “By talking at the pep assemblies and doing sports, I built my confidence and became more known.”

Deoni loves science and learning about astronomy, but when he grows up, he wants to become a lawyer because of his newfound confidence as a public speaker and his persuasive debate abilities. He is excited to learn as much as he can in high school to help him on his litigious journey. 

Go Lions!